Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Fiona from Selwyn Bears, has sent us in this photo of her bear in memory of her son Luke. What a great bear she has created. You can see more of her bears at

Friday, August 20, 2010


Well, what an experience.
It was the biggest show that thay have had. If you walked up one lane then came down the next you would have walked 14kms.
I was in the shopping arcade with about another 100 exhibitors. Tuesday & Wednesday bright sunny days then on Thursday (the last day) it rained, and of course that was also packing up day. Trolley wouldn't work because of mud etc. so after about 30 trips to & from the van, I finally packed up
The scenery around Gunnedah, Scone etc was just beautiful and of course country people are just so friendly. I would certainly recommend a trip out that way. Thank you again for the people that came and chatted

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Look what happened last weekend while I was in Canberra. Four little Georgettes were coming to life with another four happening on Thursday.
A big thank you to everyone for making my time in Tasmania & Canberra so great.
In Tassie, David & Pauline took me to Teddies on the Green, where I caught up with Toni. What a great little shop she has in the middle of the Park. If you are down in Richmond call in & say HI She is more than willing to start up bear classes down there.
In Canberra it was nice to catch up with Deb who unfortunately for us and her little bear group is moving to Nelson Bay. A farewell party was organised for her on the Wednesday night when I arrived. I met up with her ladies and saw the great bears that they were making.
I really enjoy going to shows and catching up with everyone, they certainly appreciate you going to their towns and showing them the latest techniques and goodies
Next week I will be in Gunnedah at Agquip, so please come and visit.