Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hi Everyone.

Do you think Gail (an order that I have just received) might be getting ready for C'mas...maybe we should all be  proactive and start planning now.
Hoping bear making Gail

Monday, January 21, 2013

 What a great day we had last Monday with our Monday ladies.  Holidays are great to refresh & regroup, but it is also lovely to catch up with all that happened over the holidays. We had a great C'mas & New Year  over in Perth  with our family. Dales daughter got married....Hazel celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary... not much bear making got done, but at least we have plans to finish a few more UFO's
 Susan also starts her Friday classes  this week. Our first show is the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair on 3rd March at Five Dock Leisure Centre  Looking forward to catching up with everyone there
Check out our newest Dk Tipped mohair 16mm in length..great for those Pandas