Monday, June 20, 2011


How is this for a Birthday cake. It tasted as good as it looked

We are so blessed to have such a fantastic group of ladies that come on a Monday.

It was three of our ladies birthdays so we decided to have a birthday party

One was 80, another 70 and another 60 odd.

Fortunately age is no barrier for bear making or friendship

We have also put out a challenge to each lady to see who can make the smallest bear/ critter.

We have given everyone to the end of August to see what they can do

Another idea that Dale has suggested, is a frienship bear. Eight ladies have taken up this challenge

On the first day each lady brings their cut out bear in a paper bag with no picture, then they choose another bag & sew up the head, the next week we all do something else. It will take seven weeks to finish the bear with each person having a part of everyone's bear

Can't wait to see how all the bears turn out.

Stay tuned & we will show you the results.