Friday, July 1, 2011


How clever are our ladies. Each entrant was awarded a blue ribbon at the Penrith show last weekend & one of the ladies even got the bear of the show. Congratulations ladies, I am so proud of you.

Our first day of the friendship bear happened last Monday, all cutout bears were delivered in brown paper bags and were then handed out. This week the head & ears need to be sewn.

Next weekend we will be in Mildura at the Lutheran School Hall, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th. This Doll & Bear show is a favourite of mine, all the people really appreciate that you're there and the ladies of the committee make such yummy lunches, and morning & afternoon teas It is worth the trip, just for the food.... hehe

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  1. Have fun this weekend! Wish I was joining you...could do with a weekend away after having this rotten flu.